Clarity, Commitment and Experience


Let’s be honest: selling a house is different from selling almost anything else. It is likely one of, if not your biggest asset AND it is the place you call home, the frame for your memories, the stage where your stories have played out. It’s both business and personal.

We understand this, and it defines our approach to working with sellers. Helping our clients sell their homes is our job, but also our great pleasure. We believe that service and experience, combined with solid marketing, strategic pricing, and a bit of hand holding where needed, are the keys to a successful sale. You can count on us to work tirelessly on your behalf, to market your property to its best advantage, to negotiate skillfully with prospective purchasers, and finally, to handle all of the details associated with your sale.

At every step along the way we will be absolutely committed to you, to understanding and acting upon your needs and interests, and to ensuring that the entire transaction proceeds successfully.


Contrary to public perception, buying real estate IS different than buying a car.  It involves looking forward and taps into your dreams for the future, it requires a solid understanding of your financial where-with-all and an ability to get quickly up-to-speed on a constantly changing market, and it necessitates patience.  We understand this and we are fully aware of the financial, logistical and emotional issues involved.  It is our responsibility and our great pleasure to guide you through the process and serve as your advisor.

The process of buying real estate is composed of countless small steps and individual details, each of them linked to the others. Our job is to provide you with the framework and the knowledge you need to move successfully through the entire sequence of events.  We approach our job as any trusted advisor would, by both protecting your financial interests and making sure you have a deep understanding of the market you are in so you can make informed and strategic decision about purchasing your home.  We will never leave you to figure things out on your own. We’ll make sure nothing gets overlooked, keep everything running on time, and watch out for your best interests every step of the way.